How to activate windows 10?

Your installed Windows 10 must be activated within 30 days after the first login into the system. Do not forget about the activation! If the operating system is not activated, it is considered illegal and you’re putting all of your data at risk, because they’re not being protected.

Currently, all of our Windows 10 licenses are new and are activated during installation, which means that you don’t need to go through this activation guide unless an error occurs when entering your product key.


Follow these steps to activate your Windows 10:

  1. Click the Start button on your desktop and choose Settings (middle icon in the left bottom corner).
  2. Click Update & Security and go to Activation (see the picture below).
  3. Find the ‘Change product key’ and click it. A window requiring you to enter your product key will appear.
  4. Enter your product key that you received with your order, click Next and then follow the instructions.

If the Internet activation of your product isn’t successful for any reason, you can activate your Windows 10 via phone activation.



To activate the operating system over the phone, open the command line (Windows key + R and then type cmd). In the command line, enter the command slui 4.

In the menu, select your location and follow the instructions. You can call the automatic telephone system via a toll-free number: 0800 – 018 8354.

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